QuickPano is a brand new app for the iPhone, . It allows you to view QuickTimeVR cubic and cylindrical panoramas directly on an iPhone.

The main features of QuickPano are:

Automatic alignment with the iPhone's orientation

As you move the iPhone device, the app mirrors the movement in the panorama view.

Easy to load media for the QuickPano app

Either copy files to your iPhone using iTunes application, or open qtvr files from email attachments or web links.

Share panoramas with clients

Simply email them a copy of the qtvr file.

Detects external screen when present

If your iPhone is plugged into a monitor or projector then the panorama view will be shown on the external device.

iPad Support

Version 1.1 now supports iPad devices


Support Request

Although QuickTimeVR file format is well defined and well documented, there are lots of software products which can produce these files. This means that there can be many slight variations in the data within this type of file. If you have a file which QuickPano won't read, then email us the file and we will endeavor to support it.

Please email QuickPano support with details of your support issues and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Help File

Here is a link to the latest help document



Can QuickPano open all QuickTimeVR Mov files?

Within reason, yes. It is limited by the capabilities of the underlying hardware, making it impossible for it to open extremely high resolution ones. It is also limited in the types of image formats it can read within the qtvr file. When you are generating the qtvr file make sure you use either jpeg or png file formats for the internal images.


Does QuickPano work with QuickTimeVR files generated by Artlantis?

Yes, we have lots of Artlantis users. Refer to the above question in order to generate compatible files..