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Importing LightUp Files


LightUp is a plugin which computes lighting for a Sketchup model. It has an export function which creates an FBX file. We have configured WalkAbout3d so that it can allow you to load these FBX files and walk around them in the same way as you do for SketchUp files.

  • Once you are happy with the lighting in LightUp choose the "Model..." button in the "Export Lighting" of the LightUp tour tool dialog box. Choose the "Swap Y&Z" option. Also we advise exporting into an empty sub-directory as it potentially generates many files, some of which can over-write files from previously exported designs.
  • In WalkAbout3d, press the "Load..." button and browse to the fbx file.
  • This will load the file in the same way as a sketchup file. You can now create scenarios and publish in the same way as for a sketchup file: