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Creating a Panorama Project for WalkAbout3d Mobile


WalkAbout3d Mobile is our new application for iPhone. This tutorial describes how you can generate the panorama files for it to display. If you want the panoramas to be geo-referenced you must set this up in SketchUp first before opening th SketchUp file in WalkAbout3d - the easiest way to do this is to base your design on Google Earth Capture - this will set the positions correctly for you even if you later hide or remove the google earth captured surface.

  • First open the settings dialog and choose the Panoramas page. Choose an empty directory to hold the set panoramas you are about to create during the walkthrough.

  • Choose PNG image format for loss-less compression (but consequently bigger files), or JPG for much smaller files but slightly worse quality
  • Choose anti-aliasing if you like that effect, and select transparency if you intend to overlay the camera video in the Mobile app.
  • Choose between standard and high resolution output.
  • Now close the settings dialog and start a walkthrough.
  • Walk to a position from which you want to create a panorama and press the "Generate Panorama" button. This will create a panorama file in the directory you have specified.

  • Continue doing this until you have created all the panoramas you require. You can leave the walkthrough and return later and create more panoramas if you want to.
  • Now open the settings dialog again and return to the panoramas section. Press the "Edit Directory" button.
  • Now it is time to give each panorama a "Title" and a "Description". These are useful in the Mobile app in helping the user find out details about a particular view. If you can't remember which panorama is which then use the "View" button to get a preview of the panorama to jog your memory.


  • You can also import bitmaps output from sketchup's "CubicPano" plugin, but be careful as this plugin does not force the panoramas to be north aligned!
  • Once you have completed this you are ready to upload the whole directory to your webspace. It is important that the directory name does not contain any spaces as this can cause problems when downloading to the Mobile app .
  • Once uploaded you can create a new project in the Mobile app and type in the URL of the location of the directory you just uploaded. So, for example, if your web site is called, and you uploaded a directory called NewWalkaboutProject directly into the root of this site then the URL would be
  • You should note that URL's are case sensitive so watch out for those capital letters.
  • That's it. If you want to share the project with a client then simply email them the URL .

Uploading panoramas over WiFi

  • In Walkabut3d,edit the directory of panoramas you want to send to the iOS device, then press the “Upload” button:



  • Choose the Port number you wish to use to send the data on. Note this must match the one set on the device (see below), and should typically be a number between 1000 and 64000:

  • On the iOS device, first set the port number to match the one one used in Walkabout3d:
  • Next either create a new project or edit an old one, then choose the new WiFi option:
  • Note you can optionally use the IP address shown above in the “Known IP” field in the Walkabout3d window: