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Publishing Tutorial


Publishing is a way of re-packaging your SketchUp design into a "read-only" file format which can then distrubuted to your clients in conjuction with the "WalkAbout3d Viewer". The WalkAbout3d Viewer is free to distribute and has no licencing or royalty costs associated with it.

This tutorial will show you how to publish a design, and also how create a memory stick, cd or dvd which will "autorun" the WalkAbout3d Viewer with your published design - perfect for sending to a client.

You will need to download the free viewer:

WalkAbout3d Free Viewer

Publishing a Design


  • Once you have loaded the sketchup file you wish to"publish", go to the Details tab, and press the Publish button:
  • This will show the Publish dialog box; first choose a filename (and directory) for the published file:


  • You can optionally add your logo to the top of the visualisation; and also a help image to the bottom of the visualisation screen.
  • You can also opt to create a "Single-exe" file which will contain the published design and the software for displaying it.
  • You can also choose which scenario is to be show first (this is particularly important when creating an "single-exe" file.
  • You can also choose your own "splash-screen" picture. This is the picuture which will be displayedby the "single-exe" when the published design is being loaded.

Creating an autorun CD or Usb Memory Stick

  • Firstly published to a "single-exe" file - in the example below we have called it "YourPublishedFile.wpf", which will create a "YourPublishedFile.exe" as the single-exe file.
  • Add "Single-exe" file to the cd or memory stick.
  • The final file to copy is an autorun.ini file to the memory stick or cd. You may wish to edit the ACTION line of this file:

ACTION=Run WalkAbout3d Viewer

  • The text after the "ACTION=" can be changed to whatever you feel appropriate for your client in order for them to choose the option and view the visualisation
  • Once you have copied the files, the result of inserting the memory stick into a usb port is the following dialog box:

  • Creating an autorun cd or dvd will run the visualisation directly rather than showing the above dialog box.