Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between WalkAbout3d and the Walk tool in Sketchup?

Sketchup's walk tool, although useful is somewhat rudimentary;WalkAbout3d is build around a fully featured video game engine and allows for full screen real-time walkthroughs. You are represented in the walkthrough by an ‘avatar' which has a human size and shape which collides realistically with the designed environment. Walkabout3d also has stereoscopic viewing capabilities as well as support for joysticks and gamepad controllers.

Does WalkAbout3d require special computer hardware to operate?

WalkAbout3d requires a graphics card with 3d acceleration hardware. The best guide as to whether your computer already has a suitable graphics card is to download the trial version of WalkAbout3d and try it out. The anaglyph stereo option will work with most 3d hardware enabled graphics cards, although it does need to do more rendering per frame so it may require a more expensive graphics card for higher frame-rates to be achienced.. Please go to ‘System Requirements' which details everything you will need to operate WalkAbout3d.

Can I create a video file of a walkthrough?

Yes, this can be achieved by using video capture software e.g. FRAPS. If you want to make a stereo video files for use with stereo video players we suggest you use Simmetry3d.

Anaglyph Stereo has been around for years - is it still worth using?

Although the red-blue glasses are very familiar to people, the ability to generate realtime 3d anaglyph images or complex models is very recent - it requires double the processing per image because the left and right eye views need computing independently. So even using this simple but very effect stereoscopic solution you will still need a reasonably powerful graphics card.

Where can I purchase a pair of anaglyph glasses from?

Just search for "red cyan anaglyph glasses" on Google (or Ebay usually has vendors selling them). The cheapest have cardboard frames but are fine for testing with. Better quality ones are available and are more comfortable when being worn for longer periods.

Can I take stereo screenshots?

Yes, this is quick and simple to do as you walkabout your design, just press the camera icon as you are walking through the design. The resolution and type of stereo screenshot is fully configurable

Can I run WalkAbout3d directly from SketchUp?

Yes - when you download the trial version be sure to also download the sketchup plugin which, when run from within Sketchup, will transfer the current SketchUp design directly to WalkAbout3d, including the SketchUp camera position. We highly recommend this plugin as it makes testing designs particularly easy when making changes in Sketchup. Simply move the camera to the position you wish to start your walkthrough from and press the WalkAbout3d button!

Can I animate objects in a walkthrough ?

No - if you want to do this we suggest you look at Simmetry3d, which is a much more sophisticated real time walkthrough designer. It has exactly the same compatibility with SketchUp files as WalkAbout3d.

Can I distribute designs so that my clients can view them too?

Yes - WalkAbout3d has a "Publish" function which will create a binary "read-only" file which can be loaded into WalkAbout3d, and also into the Free WalkAbout3d Viewer or the Free Simmetry3d Web Control

Does WalkAbout3d run on a mac?

Almost! We have completed a prototype version of WalkAbout3d for the mac... There is still a bit more work required but we anticipate the free-viewer for mac will be available in the next few months.

Does WalkAbout3d allow for multi-user networking?

Currently this feature is not it WalkAbout3d, but is planned for version 3.