Product | System Requirements
These specifications are to be used as a guideline. If you are in any doubt about whether your computer can run WalkAbout3d please install the free download. Advice on upgrading computer hardware is available from
  Minimum Specification Recommended Specification
600 MHz Pentium III Processor 3.0 MHz Pentium IV Processor or equivalent
Windows 2000 / XP (Home/Pro) * Windows XP/Vista (Home/Pro) *
40 MB of hard disk space 200 MB of hard disk space
512 MB of Ram 2 GB of Ram

Fully OpenGL compatible Graphics Card with 128 MB Memory or more( Multi-Texturing, shader support and quad-buffering arerequired for certain features ) *

Fully OpenGL compatible ATI or NVIDIA Graphics Card with 512 MB Memory or more with Multi-Texturing and OpenGL Shader support
Video Card must accelerate OpenGL in hardware  
*WalkAbout3d may work on other Windows operating systems, such as WindowsME, but is not directly supported by Deliverance Software. If there is any reason for concern, please try downloading and installing the trial version first to see if it works successfully on your system.  
Currently, WalkAbout3d only works on Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Please note although WalkAbout3d contains many optimisations to enable real-time display of designs, it is ultimately constrained by the performance of graphics hardware of the system upon which it is running.