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WalkAbout3d Viewer


Publish to Free WalkAbout3d Viewer

WalkAbout3d allows you to "publish" your Sketchup designs so that they can be viewed by your clients using the free WalkAbout3d Viewer application. This is free to download and distribute and allows for exactly the same viewing modes as available in WalkAbout3d.

Download the free viewer

Publish to Single-Exe

You can also choose to publish to a "Single Exe" file. This combines the free walkabout3d viewer and the published design into a single file which you can freely distribute. The file can be opened by double clicking on it and will launch straight into a full-screen visualisation of the published design.

Here is an example; it is a Sketchup file from the Sketchup Warehouse; all we have done is tag the water surface so that it is recognised in WalkAbout3d as water, then published the file. Here is a link to the file in Sketchup Warehouse: Gleason Park

Download this Single Exe example